Growth Expansion

Where entrepreneurs hone-in on taking their health, relationships, personal development, and leadership to new heights. Be a part of a family where personal development and holistic connect in an online course, programs, and community. Thrive within, thrive through others.

Personal development | relationships | health & fitness | leadership

Just because you're focused on your growth and goals, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a quality of life...

Say goodbye to bad habits and a lack of consistency in 2020 and say hello to a better life in 2021

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Live Classes

Learn key topics in a virtual settings and have the ability to answer questions.

Online self-paced course

After the live classes, have access to the online course at your leisure with more content added over time. Apply lessons with exercises.

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Access to growth programs

Have access to Think Tank. Collaborate with your coaches and fellow entrepreneurs to solve your toughest issues. 

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What's included in Growth Expansion:

~ live lessons + access to recordings

~access to private Facebook family

~ lifetime access to online course

~lifetime access to all updates of course

~weekly lessons on leadership, personal growth, relationships, health, or fitness

~access to all three coaches

~access to all other supplemental growth programs for lifetime

~ course exercises

starts 1/16/21

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Core Values






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 "I would really recommend Joseph to anyone that wants to take the gym/powerlifting/lifting/diet/(anything fitness related) more seriously, it was totally worth it and the results were amazing!"


"The most significant lesson I learned with Garrett, is finding growth opportunities in my daily life (work life), and adding them to the puzzle (the draft that consist of my goals and how I will execute them).”


"Thanks Ceil! Especially your energy, honesty, and positive attitude, while hearing and acknowledging our thoughts and words. I believe it encourages everyone and in the end provides solace, and hope. Thank you for all of it!"


Our goal is to have you thrive within so you can thrive through others. We are here to support, guide, teach, and hold you accountable to get rid of any uncertainties, doubts, and bad advice that we all have been given from the web or "gurus" and give you the strategies you need to take your personal development, leadership, relationships, and health to the next level. Book a call with our team to see if we are a good fit for you.